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Founded on inclusion with non-traditional clients in mind, Ruby Pebble Financial Planning® is your partner at the intersection of money and values. Together we will produce a tailor-made ongoing financial plan that accommodates your unique lifestyle.

Working Together to put


Ruby Pebble Financial Planning was born out of a desire to serve those on non-traditional financial paths in a progressive way that provides sincere approachability and considered financial planning supported by technology.

I believe early retirement, lifestyle upgrades, and separate finances aren’t unrealistic—they’re simply unheard, misunderstood, and under-served by the financial planning industry.

I am here to change that.

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 I strive to offer you strategic and stress-free assistance. By partnering, you will gain clarity on how to make the best financial decisions for your future and the comprehensive planning that solidifies your life and legacy. 

Taking The Next Step

With Your Trusted Partner

Realizing your

I understand that what you want for your financial future might look a little different and include goals like early retirement or separate finances between partners. I will work to give your financial future respect and help you make those dreams happen.

Getting Your Questions

You may have many questions like: When is it possible for me to retire?  How can we organize and plan for the future with separate finances?  How can I buy a home and still live the life I want? What do I do with my employer’s stock compensation? I’m ready to tackle those and give you answers.

Planning For The

Your financial future is best supported with a plan that adjusts for your life transitions and goals. Find your success with me, as your progressive partner. 

I'M Jamie Clark, CFP® (They/Them)

Here's What You
Can Expect

You deserve to feel supported by a financial expert so you can confidently make financial decisions that move you closer to your life goals. While partnering with Ruby Pebble Financial Planning, you receive transparent communication and the support you need for long-term financial planning without the mental exhaustion of running numbers yourself. I am here to help take the anxiety out of financial planning by weighing options with you, not for you, and supporting your endeavours, so you can build the life and legacy you desire.

I want to help you enjoy your life now, while saving for future you.
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How We Work Together

Get the support of a financial expert who respects and understands your unique vision and non-traditional goals with Jamie and Ruby Pebble Financial Planning. We serve clients virtually in the United States from Seattle, WA.

Initial Comprehensive Financial Plan

At Ruby Pebble, every client starts with a comprehensive plan. Together, we’ll create a detailed, big-picture financial strategy that alleviates stress and allows you to take control of your financial goals.


Moving Forward After the Initial Plan


Your life is dynamic. Ongoing check-ins provide opportunities to measure progress and update your plan. If you’d like to partner together during the year to adjust your financial plan as life, jobs, and goals change, ongoing financial planning with optional investment management is for you.

What I Can & Can't Do For You

Ruby Pebble Financial Planning acts as your accountability partner to ensure continued progress on your goals. Here you will find a safe space to:

  • Ask essential questions about your goals
  • Align your finances and life plan 
  • Feel the freedom to live the life you want 
  • Find an approach to finances that fits your needs 
  • Enjoy a positive financial planning experience, so you continue to seek, learn, and grow your wealth
  • Receive expert guidance with no requirement to move your investment accounts
  • Make your dreams a reality, in some cases beyond what you thought possible
  • Help you create a strategic financial plan
  • Give your money a personal perspective
  • Advise you during life changes such as early retirement
  • Figure out the best use of your employer’s stock
  • Visualize what your “enough” looks like financially
  • Be smart with your taxes
  • Invest your money to align with your goals, with or for you
  • Predict the economy
  • Forecast the market
  • Tell you how your money will perform
  • Prepare your tax returns
  • Plan for traditional retirement with those in their 50s+

Financial planning involves looking at your entire financial picture. This can look like saving and investing for the future and for education, managing your taxes and insurance, and/or planning for major life transitions like buying a home or organizing finances as a couple.

No matter where you are when it comes to financial goals, Ruby Pebble will guide you. As your partner, Jamie Clark will devise a comprehensive, custom financial plan. Equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate your unique financial life, Jamie will help turn your wants into goals. 

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Financial Planning

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