The Foundations

"I strive to be your non-traditional partner for your non-traditional goals."
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Ruby Pebble Financial Planning® specializes in providing non-traditional clients a safe and collaborative space to express their wants, needs, and desires without stigma or the need to explain themselves.

We are proud to be a fee-only financial planning firm focusing on non-traditional financial paths in a progressive way with an emphasis on sincere approachability and the support of the latest in technology. We serve clients virtually in the United States from Seattle, WA.

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Creating a collaborative space and erasing any stigma is at the core of Ruby Pebble. Here, there is no need to explain your wants or your goals. Success is built on non-negotiable mutual respect. Jamie takes a flexible approach to your plan with objective advice, analytical education, and a sincere concern for your overall well-being and financial future. Ruby Pebble is rooted firmly in intentional, client-led strategies that give you clarity, peace of mind, and a focused path.


We work with you to show you how your finances can build flexibility in your life. We are a small firm, which enables Jamie to build our services to fit you, our client. Your financial plan is a living document that shifts with you through our ongoing financial planning services.


You are the expert on your life and I am here to help you think through the finances of your dreams and answer your questions. We use financial planning software that allows the process to be collaborative to build out the best plan for you, as much as you want to be directly involved.


We are passionate about increasing the wealth of those traditionally underserved by the financial services industry. We can work with you when you might not have built your wealth yet or have the income to support an ongoing relationship.

Values In Action

Ruby Pebble is dedicated to helping clients and the community at large. Here is a list of some of the organizations to which Jamie contributes.
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My Money Story

How I became so passionate about helping others with their money.

When I started my first job with a 401(k), I had never invested in stocks before and didn’t understand the investment choices at all.

The result?

I invested in a random % of every single fund available in the plan. Something I do not want for you.

I struggled with the balance of enjoying life today and saving for the future me. On the other hand, my aggressive savings from my high income in my 20s resulted in so many more options for me today, which I want for you too, with better balance.

Not everyone wants to spend as much time as I did trying to understand what to do with their money. This, combined with my time volunteering to prepare tax returns, led me to earn the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification to pursue a career of being that research expert on your finances with you.

After working for a few years in the industry, I saw firsthand how the right advice varies widely from person to person and starts with truly understanding where you are today. I also realized that there was a serious need to serve those who choose non-traditional paths with financial planning.

I saw one too many individuals feel discouraged because their financial planner didn’t want them to transparently keep their finances separate from their partner or they didn’t think that retiring early was a ‘wise choice’. I want to help you to use your money to build the life of your dreams, not mine.

As someone who took a non-traditional path with my partner, I didn’t want anyone else to feel discouraged but instead supported and guided.

And This Fuels


I am here to support and craft a transparent financial trajectory for your unique situation. I will collaborate with individuals and couples in their 20s to late 40s to prepare a sound financial plan that works to accommodate any non-traditional routes in life, including early retirement, keeping separate finances, and unique lifestyle changes. 

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I'M Jamie Clark, CFP® (They/Them)

Here's What You Should Know About Me

No matter your goals, I believe financial planning shouldn’t be a burden or stressful. It should be approachable, inspiring, and tailor-made to you. By partnering with me, it is possible to achieve your financial dreams.

When I’m not crafting financial plans, you will find me out for a walk, eating pasta, reading, watching curling, or with my spouse, Michael, playing with our puppy, Frankie, at home in Seattle, WA.

  • CFP® Professional 
  • Member of NAPFA 
  • Working in the financial industry since 2020
  • A decade working as a software engineer
  • Bachelor of Computer Science and French, University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario
  • Graduate Certificate in Financial Therapy, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas
  • Member of the FIRE community since 2011
  • LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC friendly
  • Specializing in non-traditional lifestyle goals
  • For the last four years (2018 onwards), I have read at least 52 books.
  • I don’t drink coffee. Hot chocolate is my winter warm drink of choice.
  • I don’t like dark chocolate. Milk chocolate and hazelnut though? *So* good.
  • When I was a kid, I would wake up at 6am so I could use the internet back when we had dial up. (Did we all do this? Or is it just me?)
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