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Your Common Financial Planning Questions

Yes! Ruby Pebble Financial Planning and its associates owe our clients a fiduciary duty to give you prudent advice that puts your interests ahead of our own.

In our name, Ruby represents the shiny ideas and dreams in your life that prompt you to reach out to a financial planner, while Pebble represents how important all sizes of the pieces in your financial planning are, gathered together to see the whole picture.

These words also have personal meaning to Jamie as they use a software tool they wrote in the programming language Ruby to manage parts of their own personal finances. Pebbling is an important part of preparing the curling ice for play.

Ruby Pebble Financial Planning is a fee-only firm, which means we only get paid by the fees you pay us directly, not by selling any products or making any referrals to other providers.

We will start (together!) by understanding your goals and taking stock of where your finances are today, looking at the entirety of your financial life: your income, expenses, savings, debt, investments, retirement accounts, real estate and housing, education funding, employee benefits, taxes, insurance, and more. Here you will find a safe space to:

  • Ask essential questions about your goals
  • Align your finances and life plan 
  • Feel the freedom to live the life you want 
  • Find an approach to finances that fits your needs 
  • Enjoy a positive financial planning experience, so you continue to seek, learn, and grow your wealth
  • Receive expert guidance with no requirement to move your investment accounts
  • Make your dreams a reality, in some cases beyond what you thought possible

Keeping your data safe and secure is our top priority. All Ruby Pebble Financial Planning employees avoid sending sensitive information in emails and encourage clients to similarly refrain. We believe that using an online portal to transmit and receive sensitive information and documents is more secure than email.

We operate almost exclusively with web-based software. We use dual-factor authentication when available and select app-based over SMS-based when available and review this annually. We use strong passwords for all applications, including our encrypted firm hardware.

To read more about the security policies of our providers, please see the detail provided in the links below:

Our investment recommendations are not tied to a particular custodian or products- we work with you to find the choices that work best for you. We aim to develop close, long-term relationships with a limited number of clients and have built our services with you, our client, in mind.

We believe in holding a diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds, instead of trying to pick the next hot stock. We will integrate existing holdings of individual stocks, but will not recommend you buy individual stocks.

No matter where you are when it comes to financial goals, Ruby Pebble will guide you. As your partner, Jamie Clark will devise a comprehensive, custom financial plan. Equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate your unique financial life, Jamie will help turn your wants into goals. 

That’s up to you! We work with your preferred communication method. Our default is email and scheduled Zoom calls, plus we offer a client newsletter that can keep you up to date on everything happening at Ruby Pebble Financial Planning. We can use phone calls if you prefer, depending on the topic of the meeting, and SMS. 

Nope! We believe that everyone can benefit from financial planning and our pricing is not related to how much money you have.

Jamie is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and has been working in financial planning since 2020. They previously worked at a fee-only RIA in Seattle, WA.

Most likely! We are built as a virtual firm from the ground up and can work with people who reside in the United States. Please be sure to indicate your state of residence when scheduling a call.

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