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Catering to your differences

Get the support of a financial expert who respects and understands your unique vision and non-traditional goals when working with me at Ruby Pebble Financial Planning®. 

I want to offer you a wealth of knowledge so you can confidently make financial decisions that move you closer to the life and legacy you want. 

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Who We Work with

So far you’ve been managing your finances yourself, with some help from the internet, and now you’re at decision point that you are having trouble navigating/visualizing on your own…

Are you considering one or more of the following?

  • Buying a new home?
  • Retiring early or taking an extended break from your current career?
  • Planning financially when you and your partner have kept your finances separate?
  • Understanding how much it is truly going to cost to pay for your children’s university education and can you afford it?
  • Envisioning the long-term trajectory of your finances?
  • Adjusting your finances with a substantial income increase or decrease?
  • Understanding if you are making the right financial decisions and if you are missing something in your knowledge?
  • Wondering how you can balance saving for your future self as well as for your short and medium-term goals?
  • Managing your stock compensation?

We can help. Ruby Pebble Financial Planning is a fee-only financial planning firm specializing in working with individuals and couples in their 30s and 40s to align their finances with their non-traditional goals.

How We Work Together

Initial Comprehensive Financial Plan

At Ruby Pebble, every client starts with a comprehensive plan. Together over the course of several meetings, we will learn about your goals and dreams and examine where your finances are today so we can prepare a plan to turn your dreams into a reality. We will then create a detailed, big-picture financial strategy that alleviates stress and allows you to take control of your financial goals. Jamie will work with you to create a financial plan you can implement on your own.

Our typical fee is $5,600 for individuals and $6,800 for couples. Half of the fee is due upfront and half after completion of the plan. Note: Our fees are based on our hourly rate of $400, billed in 15-minute increments.

Let’s talk about what this could look like for you by scheduling a free consultation call below.


Moving Forward After the Initial Plan

Ongoing Financial Planning WITH OPTIONAL investment management

Your life is dynamic. Ongoing check-ins provide opportunities to measure progress and update your plan, including email and text support throughout the year. If you’d like to partner together during the year to adjust your financial plan as life, jobs, and goals change, ongoing financial planning with optional investment management is for you. You will have Jamie in your corner as your financial project manager as your life shifts.

Estimates begin at $4,800/year and increase based on lifestyle. The fee is due quarterly in arrears, based on hours earned at an hourly rate of $400.

IF YOU SAY 'Yes' to these questions

Know That I am More Than Ready to help you

Have you been DIYing your finances?

I can help you envision your entire financial life to see where you are and where you are going to answer your detailed questions and find any gaps in your financial planning.

Do you want to become work optional in your 30s or 40s?

With your high savings rate, I can help you envision how your finances can support you for decades with no or more enjoyable income and help understand the tradeoffs.

Have you and your partner kept your finances separate?

I can help you plan solo or provide a safe space to help you understand your finances as a cohesive whole and how they can support your goals and any opportunities therein.



Intro meeting

When you’re ready to transform your financial life, Jamie will meet with you to answer any questions you have about our services and determine whether we could be a good fit to work together.


Mutual Fit

If it is a mutual fit, then we will provide a quote, you will sign an agreement, pay your upfront fee, and move into the financial planning process.



We will work together to understand and prioritize your goals, gather all of the relevant documents for our work, and review and understand where your finances are today so we can build out a vision of your future.


Your Plan

We will be your guide with any recommendations to confidently direct your financial life closer to where you want it to be. Together, we will prioritize any action items and provide resources.



We decide on how we will work together going forward or not. You can either implement your plan on your own or check in with us throughout the year, annually, or as-needed, depending on your needs.

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Ready to Begin?

Book your first appointment with Jamie at Ruby Pebble Financial Planning. The first call is free as a consultation to see if we might be a good match for you and your financial goals.

Our Work Together

  • Help you create a strategic financial plan
  • Give your money a personal perspective
  • Advise you during life changes such as early retirement
  • Figure out the best use of your employer’s stock
  • Visualize what your “enough” looks like financially
  • Be smart with your taxes
  • Invest your money to align with your goals, with or for you

I will act as your accountability partner to ensure continued progress on your goals. Here you will find a safe space to:

    • Ask essential questions about your goals
    • Align your finances and life plan 
    • Feel the freedom to live the life you want 
    • Find an approach to finances that fits your needs 
    • Enjoy a positive financial planning experience, so you continue to seek, learn, and grow your wealth
    • Receive expert guidance with no requirement to move your investment accounts
    • Make your dreams a reality, in some cases beyond what you thought possible
  • Predict the economy
  • Forecast the market
  • Tell you how your money will perform
  • Prepare your tax returns
  • Plan for traditional retirement with those in their 50s+
Let's Create a

Strategic Plan for Your LIfe Goals